O'Conner Box Top

This luxury sleep system features our Glacier Phase Change Cover, 3° Cooling Coils, 100% natural copper Talalay latex, Englander Elite Edge technology, and thousands of supportive and contouring fabric-wrapped springs.



The O'Conner brings you luxurious, contouring comfort, and elevated support in an adjustable-friendly mattress. To regulate temperature, we've added advanced technology like our Glacier Phase Change Cooling Cover and Englander's exclusive 3° Cooling Coils.

Also inside is our pressure releiving 100% Natural Copper Infused Talalay Latex for a cloud-like feel with the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of copper. For world-class comfort and support this mattress has 1,130 contouring, comfortable fabric-wrapped springs and our exclusive Englander edge technology, a full perimeter system eliminates that roll off feeling and provides a consistent sleep service across the entire mattress.

Naturally Cooler

Our fabric-wrapped spring system allows heat to naturally move away from the mattress for a cooler, comfortable sleep.

Recycled Steel

The steel inside our fabric-wrapped springs is made with 95% recycled scrap. Good for the environment and good for your sleep.

Tempered Steel

Once shaped into coils, we freeze the molecules in place so they never sag.

Under the Covers

Glacier Phase Change Cover

Our Glacier Phase Change Cooling Cover is made with chilling molecules that absorb heat which creates a cooler surface. Once the heat source is cooled, the molecules revert to their natural state until they are heated again. This process decreases temperature fluctuations, creating a cool and comfortable sleep experience.

Copper Talalay Latex

Built with both 100% Natural Copper Infused Talalay Latex and Copper Memory Foam these comfort layers provide an elevated, uplifted feeling with the sensation of a gentle transition for pressure relief and contouring comfort—all infused with the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of copper.

3° Cooling Coils

Our 3° Cooling Coils are tiny springs that allow heat and humidity to naturally escape the mattress for cool and comfortable sleep.

Englander Elite Edge

Englander Edge Elite features our highest number of edge coils to eliminate that roll-off feeling. Our steel coil perimeter system gives you a consistent sleep surface edge-to-edge and the doesn’t buckle when you sit on the side of the bed.

1130 Fabric-Wrapped Springs

This mattress is packed with 1,130 contouring, comfortable fabric-wrapped springs offer world-class support and are proven 26% more durable than foam encased mattresses. Our unique coils are made with tempered steel wire—once formed into their final shape, tempering freezes those molecules in place so that springs will remain strong to offer you comfortable sleep night after night.

From Rubber Trees

Our mattresses tiptoe toward that cloud-like feel.

Talalay latex is a natural substance derived from rubber trees. When formed into foam, rubber’s natural buoyancy, comfort, and resilience makes it a world class mattress material.


Superior Support

Fabric-wrapped innersprings are supportive, comfortable, and responsive. Englander springs keep you from feeling stuck. When it’s easy to change positions it’s easier to stay asleep.


Adjustable Friendly

Our mattress designs are 100% adjustable base friendly and are proven to bend easier than traditional foam encasements.

Construction and Materials

The components and details featured inside and outside Englander mattresses.